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How to install AesirX Single Sign On


Before installing AesirX DMA, you must have the following installed on your development computer:

Step-by-step guide:

1. Register your account at will then get an email for user creation account.

2. Activate your account by clicking verify in the email.

3. Login to site to get the REACT_APP_CLIENT_SECRET and REACT_APP_LICENSE in your profile.


install_guide_1.jpgIf you don't have any license, select one from our homepage.


4. Enter domain and test domain of license. For example:


5. Install sso app.

git clone

6. At sso-app folder, rename the .env.dist file to .env

Or use this command:

mv .env.dist .env

Note: To show the .env file in your computer, use:
MacOS: Ctrl + Shift + "."
Linux: Ctrl + H

7. Replace the REACT_APP_CLIENT_SECRET  and REACT_APP_LICENSE in the .env file with the one provided in your profile account.

8. Then run sso app.

yarn install

yarn build

When the app runs successfully, it will look like the image below


9. Go to the browser, type the name http://localhost:3000 to login.


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