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AesirX SSO: Single Sign On

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Secure, Seamless & Simplified Access

With AesirX SSO (Single Sign On), elevate your website's privacy, efficiency, & user experience with next-generation login & consent technologies.

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Online in a Single Touch

Seamlessly navigate without the need to enter different usernames & passwords.
AesirX SSO allows your users to log in to all your websites & apps with a single password.
Private information is securely & privately protected by state-of-the-art security built on Concordium's Zero Knowledge (ZK) technology.

Connects with AesirX Shield of Privacy for a secure & private online experience

SSO can be used as a stand-alone service, but when connected with AesirX Shield of Privacy, it becomes a revolutionary solution that brings together access & identity management, personal data protection, decentralized consent (& more) in a single platform.

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One-click login

Simplify the login process

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Use one set of credentials

Efficient administration

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Protect personal data

Comply with data protection regulations

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Adopt cutting-edge Web3 technology

Prioritize user privacy & security
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Prevent brute force attacks

Eliminate security breaches

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Streamline processes

Save time, money & resources
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AesirX SSO makes you secure and more productive online

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Easy Web2 & Web3 Integration

Seamlessly access resources across various Web2 & Web3 platforms without repeated prompts, enhancing operational efficiency.

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Secure Site Access

Replaces WordPress & Joomla! website logins with Privacy-by-Design-based security that’s built on Concordium’s Zero Knowledge (ZK) technology.
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Prevents Attacks

An effective anti-brute-force solution that thwarts all administration login attacks, thereby minimizing the data breach risks linked to handling multiple login credentials.
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Multiple User Roles

Connects with AesirX Shield of Privacy to offer role & permission based access to assets & resources.

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Free WordPress & Joomla! Plugins

Quick and easy installation in 30 seconds to give full Web2 (SoMe + OAuth2) & Web3 single sign on capabilities.
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1-Click Consent for Enhanced Business Intelligence

The Web3 wallet integration facilitates a 1-click consent mechanism for visitors, enabling data-driven strategies & improving user experiences.

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“Over 100 million brute force attacks on usernames and passwords occur each day. Using Zero Knowledge Proofs to defend yourself is seamless Privacy by Design.”

Ronni K. Gothard Christiansen

Creator of AesirX



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